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Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzyme supplements help the body break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to assist the body in breaking down and assimilating nutrients to make more energy and give you a healthier life force.

This combination of enzymes and probiotics supports digestive health and ensures nutrients are delivered to the body. This natural digestive enzyme supplement helps take stress off the digestive organs, freeing up energy and decreasing digestive symptoms such as bloating, gas, or occasional diarrhea or constipation. This all makes our supplement great for gut health and nutrient absorption.

  • Enhance Nutrition absorption
  • Assists The Body In Breaking down difficult proteins and sugars.
  • Supports Healthy Digestion
  • Improve Digestive Health

Fungal Protease From Aspergillus Oryzae
These fermented bacteria break down proteins.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus
These probiotic bacteria produce the enzyme lactase, which breaks down the milk sugar lactose into lactic acid.

Lactobacillus Casei
These probiotic bacteria support digestive health, balanced inflammation, and weight management.

Lactobacillus Plantarum
These probiotic bacteria support digestive health, metabolism, optimal body weight, and balanced inflammation.

This pineapple-derived enzyme breaks down a broad spectrum of proteins.

Papaya-derived enzyme that supports the breakdown of small and large proteins.

Fungal Lipase
Converts triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol.

Fungal Lactase
Converts triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol.

Fungal Lipase
A dairy sugar that converts lactose to glucose.

Alpha Galactosidase

Helps with carbohydrate digestion.

All natural and vegan friendly. Free of antibiotics, gluten, GMOs, sugar, binders. Made in the USA.